Celiac society Rajasthan has been registered on 16 June 2011 by Rajasthan Govt. (Regd.No.255/JPR/2011-12)
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A Real Life Story

At 3 years of age Mr Akshat (name changed) was facing various undiagnosed health related problems like diarrhea, low Hb, occasional dermatitis, stomach ache, breathlessness, lack of energy & confidence. Inspite of all the problems he kept his cool. Despite the endless efforts of his father he was living an abnormal life unlike other children. Sometime it was felt that he became the warehouse of antibiotics, anti diarrheal and anti spasmodic, Sometimes it was felt that the child was functional and was put on anxiolytic drugs. He was leading his life with no diagnosis & thus no proper medications. He was sent to the US & UK for the enjoyment and boost the confidence, but the situation remained the same.

At 15 years, day Monday, An astonishing news came for the family as the doctor diagnosed the disease as. "Hypersensitivity to Gluten!!!". A kind of allergy to the common meal of Norh India - "Wheat", "Rye" and "Barley" etc. The family went in a deep shock...??? How the child will lead his life without the commonly used wheat??? How wheat can be harmful as this is the main source of nutrition for all??? What are the options left for nourishment for a child who is already health compromised??

Subsequently, Akshat searched the facts over internet about the same disease & found that the doctor who diagnosed the disease did a mojor mistake in his prescription & prescribed a nutrition powder which was rich in gluten. He was surprised… It showed the need of increased awareness about the disease even among medical fraternity.

He consulted the doctor again and did not take nutritious powder again.

He was put on non-vegetarian diet, but how long one can have just one dish. He was than given gluten free flour & other recipes.

Day Friday, He felt energized, diarrhea was stopped , no dermatitis, no stomach-ache. Some positive changes were there. Father took him to the club for swimming. He swam for an hour for the 1st time without pain & breathing difficulties. It was nothing but a “MIRACLE” for which he waited for more than 12 year. That was a “U Turn”-That it was decided to increase the awareness about the “Celiac Disease” & extend the benefits of gluten free diet to the “Celiac Patients”.

That is how an idea of “Celiac Society” was laid down to increase to the patients. Thousands of brochures were distributed, gluten free recipes across the globe were ordered, Special diet chart were designed, CME’s for doctors on district level, even a restaurant with gluten free recipes planned….just to provide not mere ‘Aatta or Wheat” rather all other snacks, sweets, cakes, Pizza precisely bread and ice-creams for the patients. All nationally and globally available information and recipes to the sufferer. All because the child wanted that no one should suffer like him just because of increased need of awareness about the “Celiac Disease” and subsequently for the management of celiac disease.

In the next two Hb increased from 6.1 to 11.2. He came back to his normal life with a vision to restore the smiles on thousands of faces He children within 2 month & his thought inspired Celiac Society so much that Celiac Soiety made the slogan

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