Celiac society Rajasthan has been registered on 16 June 2011 by Rajasthan Govt. (Regd.No.255/JPR/2011-12)
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Difference Between Celiac & Wheat Allergy

An allergy to wheat is very different from celiac disease,  and that is not an auto immune disorder at all. Where body creates antibodies to this protein that attach themselves to the food molecule and then cause other cells to attack by releasing histamines. Once the allergen is removed from the body or antihistamines are successfully administered, the body is not compromised in the long term as it is for those who have celiac and are exposed to gluten.


Gluten Intolrance is does not rise to the level of an auto immune disease. Food intolerance occur when the body is incapable of metabolizing certain foods, typically because it lacks certain enzymes necessary to break down particular food components. Symptoms may be similar to celiac disease   but they test negative for celiac disease by blood test and endoscopy. It comes through trial and error the gluten remains the culprit.


Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition, whereby the body’s immune system attacks its own intestinal tissue in an inappropriate response to the eating system.




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