Celiac society Rajasthan has been registered on 16 June 2011 by Rajasthan Govt. (Regd.No.255/JPR/2011-12)
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Must Remember
  1. Dal, vegetables, Fruits, milk, non-vegetarian food, sugar and oil can be taken.

  2. Avoid recipes in which wheat or barley is added in any form.

  3. Avoid contamination of food from wheat during preparation and processing time e.g. from utensils, gluten free flour (corn flur and others) should be grinded at home or grinder used for spices).

  4. Preferentially eat home prepared food. To help patient, family should eat mostly gluten free recipes, whenever eating together. If possible at least lunch on Sundays.

  5. Avoid doubtful food containing wheat or Barley.

  6. Be fully informed and keep updates about disease.

  7. Ask any / every question to your doctor.

  8. Join any individual / organization of celiac support group.

  9. Share your experience with other celiac / friends.

  10. Carry restaurant card while outing/ travelling

  11. Always order fresh

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