Celiac society Rajasthan has been registered on 16 June 2011 by Rajasthan Govt. (Regd.No.255/JPR/2011-12)
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Upcoming Activities


  1. Celiac and medical toursim
  2. Gluten Free Restuarent at Jaipur
  3. Celiac and Alcohol
  4. Celiac and Sex
  5. Celiac and Jail
  6. Celebrate 9th August as Celiac Day.
  7. Facing challenge of school / college going.
  8. Celiac and infertility
  9. Celiac and pregnancy
  10. Celiac and accident
  11. Celiac friendly travel and resort in India
  12. Gluten Free Global
  13. Handling the holidays, picnics
  14. Parents role in celiac
  15. Develop more celiac support group
  16. Search more and advanced gluten free baking
  17. How to keep your kitchen safe from cross contamination
  18. Depression and anxiety in celiac.
  19. Cosmetic items and celiac
  20. Future treatment for celiac disease
  21. Ultimately, counseling for living ( when you know more and everything)
    “Blessing in disguise”
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