Celiac society Rajasthan has been registered on 16 June 2011 by Rajasthan Govt. (Regd.No.255/JPR/2011-12)
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Celiac DH Cell

Dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) is an auto-immune blistering disorder associated with gluten sensitive enteropathy. Treatment of DH include avoidance of gluten by consuming a gluten free diet and PHARMACOTHERAPY.

PHARMACOTHERAPY is a derma consultant forte, but surely it is agreed that adherence to gluten free diet is high cost living, nearly – need justified is living with medicine.

Here Celiac Society Rajasthan Leads:

On 1st Anniversary of Celiac Society Rajasthan announces:

1st three month of DH course, prescribed by qualified consultant – Celiac Society Rajasthan shall provide free medicines:

Just contact – Executive Director (Celiac DH Cell)

Dr. Sanjay Sakarwal

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